Veterinary practices

Compounding can create new treatment options for your practice.        
Compounding can help veterinarians to overcome a number of challenges such as
· Change dosages &strengths: Regardless how big are the pets, we can customize the exact dose that meets the dosage requirements for them.
· Compound discontinued drugs: Many Veterinarians prefer treatments that are no longer commercially available, we can compound those preferred products into several pet-friendly dosage forms.
· Flavours: we can prepare medicines in easy-to-give flavoured dosage forms that animals happily devour, whether your pet is a cat, dog, bird, ferret, or snake. We have a wide range of flavours such as: beef, chicken, tuna, salmon, banana, strawberry, raspberry and many more.
Quality:   We are members of Medisca,  a TGA approved supplier of compounding ingredients. Membership also gives us access to a formulary of over 8,000 formulations and technical support.You can have confidence in the products we compound. We are one of the few Compounding Pharmacies in Australia to get all our ingredients from TGA approved suppliers and get our final products regularly tested to meet the TGA requirement
Price:  We offer high quality products with very competitive prices.
Delivery:   We offer FREE delivery to all our clients. 95% of orders are shipped the same day for next day delivery through Australia Express Post.
We look forward to working with you to find the most effective formulation for each patient.