Skin Analysis

A Revolutionary Journey Beneath Your Skin

Observ 520 Skin analysis

With 6 modes of advanced skin analysis technology, OBSERV 520 allows a comprehensive understanding of your skin concerns. This assists our specialised skin care pharmacist to better treat exiciting imperfections and even address underlying concerns before they become visible.

Six Modes

Daylight Mode

Evaluating the skin in bright but neutral illumination, this mode provides a clear, clinical evaluation of the skin as it regularly appears for before and after images.

Simulated wood's light Mode

Relicating the illumination of the traditional Wood's Lamp, this mode identifies areas of the skin affected by an over or under production of oil and lipid distribution.

Parallel polarised Mode

Filter technology is used to enhance the skin's surface textures, revealing the glyphic patterns, pore structures, fine surface textures and wrinkles in great detail.

Cross polarised Mode

This mode works to visualise discolourations and redness in the skin, highlighting inflammation, pigmentation, rosacea, vascular and other disorders.

True UV Mode

This mode identifies skin conditions beneath the skin's surface such as pore health, pigmentation, sun damage, sebum gland distribution and future skin concerns.

Complexion Analysis Mode

Complexion Analysis compiles insights from the previous 5 modes to highlight areas of concern, assisting to identify your best skin health program.

Our Professional skin analysis with Observe 520 provides an in depth insight into the condition of your skin.

Our team will provide you with a customised report into your overall skin health, along with a recommended skincare and treatment plan to help you acieve your long-term skin goals.