Skin care


Your skin is the body’s largest organ and plays an important role in protecting your body. Conditions affecting the skin may interfere with the skin’s protective barrier function, may be irritating, uncomfortable or painful, and in some cases may appear aesthetically unpleasing. Any of these effects can interfere with daily life. 
Every person has unique skin that deserves a truly personalized treatment. We have unique solutions for everyone.
What are the key steps to a healthy glowing skin?

  • Identifying your skin type is an important step in selecting the right skincare products.
  • A good skincare routine is the key to clearer, more radiant skin. Cleanse, apply active treatment, moisturise and exfoliate.
  • Choosing the right products for your skin type is also important in order to see effective results.
  • Avoiding the sun and using a high quality broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Choosing high grade mineral make up. A good quality mineral makeup should be free from heavy metals, parabens fragrances and preservatives.
  • Combination of prescription, medical treatments and skincare regimen provide optimum outcomes than single treatments alone.
  • Laser therapy, fillers and Botox are other options.
Why our skincare products are different?

Many ingredients in commercially available skin and hair care products can be irritating or simply inappropriate for some skin types, leaving your skin dry, oily, clogged, scaly or even inflamed.

At CarePlus, we can formulate a range of cleansers, exfoliants, serums, eye creams, face masks, specialist recommended prescription tablets and specially formulated creams and more, that are water-free, preservative free or minimally preserved products.

We can customise PH and select emollients to suit your skin. We can add your preferred fragrance, adjust thickness, incorporate one or more vitamins or antioxidants or even medications prescribed by your doctor.

We use only highest grade materials in our preparations, and our formulating pharmacists are highly qualified.

Our pharmacists and staff can assist by providing freshly compounded preparations and expert advice to better accommodate your skin care needs.

We will work closely with you to optimise your skin health by offering personalised skin care regimens to address your individual needs and help your skin appear younger and healthier.

No matter how aged, dull and dry your skin is, we will find a solution.

We offer a wide range of skincare products including:

  • Local anaesthetic gels/creams for use during tattoo removal, skin needling, injectables and many other skin treatments
  • Eczema, Psoriasis Treatments
  • Rosacea Treatments
  • Hyperpigmentation /Melasma Treatments using ingredients such as Hydroquinone,Retinoic Acid, Azelaic Acid and Kojic Acid
  • Acne Treatments
  • Dry Skin Treatments
  • Anti-ageing creams
  • Wart Treatments
  • Chemical Peels using alpha hydroxy acids such as Glycolic and Lactic acids, Jessner’s preparations
  • Professional use masks, peels & serums for use in skin treatments
  • Skin lightening creams and bleaching Formulas
  • Hair loss Treatments
  • Scarring Treatments
  • Antifungal Treatments
  • Photo-damaged skin Treatments
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin refining serums

If you have a skin complaint, talk to your dermatologist, doctor, beauty therapist or our compounding pharmacist about dermatological compounding to see how we can help.

Are you a skin or beauty clinic looking for those perfect post-treatments that are exactly right for your clients? We can help you customise skincare products especially formulated to meet your clients' needs. Sound like a plan? Ask us today how to become a CPC partner!